Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Get a Massage Right Away

When was the last time you received a massage? How did you feel after? Did you know that besides making us feel relaxed, there’s a ton of health advantages?


Fact # 1: Massages promote Relaxation

When was the last time you received a massage? Do you remember the way you felt after? Did you feel like you were floating on a cloud or ready to take a nap? This is due to the endorphins that your body releases. Licensed Therapist use the power of touch to stimulate the body; thus, releasing endorphins, which sends signals of happiness to the brain. These hormones help relieve stress and allow you to feel more relaxed, it’s no wonder we feel great after a session.


Fact # 2: Massages reduce muscle tension

Massaging increases blood circulation in the muscles which makes the muscles soft and flexible and thus reduces muscle tension. It is recommended to receive frequent massages to manipulate muscle memory, tension and have preventative care.


Fact # 3: Massages reduce anxiety and depression

When you receive a relaxing massage, the stress hormone in the body, named Cortisol, can be lowered by 50%. It also increases Serotonin and Dopamine, the hormones which relieve stress and lower depression. Good to know: Lower stress levels also lead to better sleep, supporting the fight against depression and anxiety. How nice!


Fact # 4: Massages enhance lymph and blood circulation

Massages help dilate blood vessels, allowing them to transport more blood through the body and therefor increases blood circulation. Massages also stimulate lymph circulation. Better blood and lymph circulation improves tissue metabolism, as well as your skin tone and reduces swelling, besides many other benefits for your body.


Fact # 5: Massages can reduce Migraine headaches

Tense muscles in neck and shoulders are mainly the cause for headaches. Massaging these areas may prevent or reduce Migraine headaches.


Fact # 6 Massages improve your immune system

When your body gets a massage, it increases the amount of white blood cells. White blood cells function as the body’s “police cells”, which fight off infection. An increase in white blood cells therefore improves your immune system.


Fact # 7 Massages can reduce pain

The hormone Endorphin acts as a natural pain killer in the human body. The body releases Endorphins when being massaged and gives its self a “prescription free pain medicine”.


Fact # 8 Massages are drug free

You don’t want to pollute your body with taking drugs if it’s not absolutely necessary. There is a better way for many health problems. The answer is massaging! Massaging offers a drug free therapy which can improve health problems in the most natural way and in accordance to your body.


Fact # 9 Massages reduce Spasms and Cramps

Massage Therapists can massage those blocked nerve signals which are responsible for causing spasms and cramps. How nice and easy is that?


Fact # 10 Massages improve the healing of soft tissue injuries

Massaging, as you already know, increases blood and lymph circulation. The increased circulation, together with the increased oxygen levels, can improve the healing of soft tissue injuries.


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