Therapeutic Arnica Massage - 60M/90M
$110 / 155

Strengthens the skin and promotes blood circulation to prevent muscle tension and cramps.

Alpine Herb Facial - 60M

Refreshes and softens the skin using herbal foam and products from the Dr. Spiller Organic Bio Cosmetics series “Alpenrausch”.

Restorative Fango Massage - 60M/90M

Therapeutic Massage using mineral clay to penetrate deep into the neck and back, providing natural pain relief.

Alpine Herb Massage - 60M/90M

The bioactive components of the herbs and their unique redolence will leave you vitalized and invigorated.

Candle Massage - 60M/90M

Our German Specialty Candle Massage is a relaxing treatment for the body and senses. Warm, aromatic Candle oil is dripped and massaged onto the skin to soothe achy muscles, relive tension and hydrate & soften the skin. Choose from Honey ginger, Lemon Hibiscus, Lavender, or Wild Rose.

Mountain Crystal Massage - 60M/90M

The healing properties of Mountain Crystals are refreshing, soothing and promote vitality.