Brittany Legacy – Energy Worker and Healer

Brittany Legacy, Energy Worker and Healer

I became a healer early in life because I had no other way.  Goal driven and focused from an early age, I experienced debilitating illness at age 17- it cost me the fruits of my years of achievement in academics and athletics and the life I’d so carefully spent years cultivating.  At 16, I learned the value of health- and to follow my deep intuitions and instincts, as conventional medicine at the time offered no curative solutions.


Necessitated by my own journey, I began training as a healer at 19 and surrendered to the very different way I’d always experienced reality.  Traditional over-achievement had been my escape from the constant flood of subtle information coming from all around me.  Now I had to embrace that information and my ability to interpret it.


I see energy.  I think in images.  The simple mention of a name or place or time floods me with information.  I harbor a deep proficiency of a quiet order that underpins our daily existence and have spent 20 years studying and utilizing healing systems, techniques, modalities, and perspectives from all over the world.


Areas of specific study include, but aren’t limited to:  Poison Path Shamanism, Chinese 5 Elements, Shock and Trauma, Massage Therapy, Eden Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology, Holistic Nutrition for autoimmune disorders, Human Design, Sacred Sexuality and Tantric Transformation.  I have come to understand that the rhythms and flows impacting our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health are at play in every aspect of life and can be applied to business negotiations, product branding, building design, etc.


After years in private practice for individuals and couple’s, I embraced the business and corporate worlds as well.  Currently, my time is split between my private practice and business consulting.


My specialty is Power.


Power in health.  In home.  In business.  In love.  In sorrow.  In Life…


I create intimacy to facilitate vulnerability, connection, and communication between parts.  Cohesive and holistic communication yields efficiency.  Increased efficiency is foundational to the discovery of, and deep contact with Authentic Power.


Simple Truth:  Power moves us, inside and out.  Move out of Exile and own your Power…

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