My Experience Trying Celluma Light Therapy

I’ve heard wonderful and impressive results so I wanted to try the Celluma Light Therapy for myself.  The Celluma Light uses LED emitting lights for esthetic and celluar-level benefits. The panel is flexible and sits over your face. If you are claustrophobic, I recommend starting this treatment gradually, then over time, working up to the full 30 minutes. So, you’re wondering how it works, right? Light energy is emitted from the panel and penetrates deep into the skin to the cellular level. The process of light energy increases the production of ATP in the cell which is the fuel that drives all our cells. The increase in cellular energy leads to an increase in circulation. Benefits include collagen production, cell repair, reduction of fine-lines, decrease in acne, inflammation and redness. The light setting is adjusted depending on your skin-type and skin needs.

After a Celluma Light Therapy session, I have noticed a wonderful difference in the appearance of my skin. I can feel that my skin is tighter. I was also able to see a difference in the texture of my skin, as well as a reduction in the fine line wrinkles. I had this treatment 2 times a week for 3 consecutive weeks and I loved the visible results. Celluma Light Therapy Treatments come in packages for best results, see more here.

By Beverly Riedel,

Nova Organic Wellness Spa

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